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Timber Floor Staining

With our timber floor staining, you can be confident that your floors will look great.
The natural beauty of the wood is enhanced with this process which ensures it extends the life of your floors.

Transform your home with our experienced professionals who are skilled in a variety of staining techniques. Whether you want to make the existing colors more vibrant or change up how an entire room looks- we have just what you need!

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What Are The Benefits? of Wood Staining?


When you want to give your timber a new look but don’t have the time or money for extensive renovations, wood stains are an effective and affordable way of making any surface more appealing.


We use a non-destructive process to coat your flooring, which means it’s never acid etching or harmful chemicals. You can have peace of mind knowing our products are safe for you and the environment!

Enhances your timber floors

Beautiful floors with an impressive natural wood grain are not just for rich people. You can have the same look in your home by choosing flooring that has been stained or painted to resemble its original state!

Gives it a more mature appearance

A dark color can be a great way to give off that old-fashioned feel you’re going for in your home. It also helps if the wood is already naturally colored, but even then it’ll add some depth without being overbearing or trendy

Protects wood from sun damage

The floor of your house is one place that you can’t afford to have damaged. Stains like these will help protect against warping, which might otherwise happen because direct sunlight hits them and causes stretching or cracking in some cases!

Protects floors from general wear and tear

If you want to protect your stain against damage caused by foot traffic and general use, then staining is a great option!

Water based vs. Oil based polyurethane stains

Find out which finish is right for you. Whether it’s water-based or oil-based, both are durable and good looking but there are differences in terms of durability. Read here to make sure you choose the right stain for your home.

The debate over which floor stain finish is harder has been a topic of great discussion. Harder finishes will scratch more easily than softer ones. For this reason, it’s best to have a finish that can flex with your flooring so you don’t see any scratches or other signs of wear immediately upon interaction with objects on the ground such as furniture legs and shoes.



  • Low odor
  • Natural colourings
  • Dries quickly


  • Higher price
  • Lack of glow that oil bases provide
  • Harder to apply
  • Requires maintenance every couple of years



  • Leaves an amber glow
  • Easier to apply
  • Less expensive
  • More protective
  • Requires less maintenance overtime


  • 5-12 hour wait between coats
  • Strong odor

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