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Quality Timber Flooring

We understand how huge a change to your home’s flooring can be. Our 15 years of experience mean we can guide you through every aspect of the process and ensure your renovation is completed on time and to the highest standard.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your home or business, Quality Timber Flooring can assist you in improving the value and appearance of your space. We are fully insured and have extensive experience with flooring installation and the latest cutting-edge technology. Our processes have been optimised through the years and we are confident our techniques are the most efficient in the industry and produce the best results.

Our timeless, unique styles mean your floors will never go out of fashion and our quality craftsmanship gives you peace of mind that your floors will sustain the test of time and support your family for generations to come.

We understand a major change to your home can leave you feeling unsure of what to expect when it comes to cost and time but our accurate quotes and clear work scheduling will give you assurances that your budget will be honoured and your home will be back, ready to enjoy, in a reasonable time frame.

Whether you are looking to add value to your home with a laminate, bamboo or hardwood overhaul, Quality Timber Flooring has you covered.

Our speciality is parquetry flooring which is designed to last centuries. Parquetry uses several small cuts of wood, arranged in a design of your choosing, to create a strong, stylish floor that you can customise to match your exact interior goals. Parquetry is somewhat like mosaic and requires tremendous precision to create a symmetrical result. Our unique processes, years of knowledge and world-class technology allow us to create flawless results first time, everytime.

Parquetry is a flooring style normally reserved for stately homes and historical estates, however our affordable prices and modern approach mean you can adopt the style today and invest in your home’s value and future longevity.

Earlier this year we were featured in an article on the benefits of parquetry flooring which you can read here.

The Quality Timber Flooring difference

15 Years in Timber Flooring

Nothing speaks volumes more than years of experience. We have worked tirelessly to build expertise in an industry which sees its fair share of cowboys.

We Don’t Cut Corners!

Quality is an over-used word in the flooring industry. We complete every job to the highest standard and ensure the area is clean and spotless.

Fixed Price Quotes

There is nothing worse than projects going over budget! Our quotes are fixed price to give you piece of mind.

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