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Laminate & Hardwood Timber Flooring Installations Melbourne

Quality Timber Flooring has been installing laminate timber flooring, engineered hardwood flooring and spotted gum timber flooring over 15 years. We have many installation options to suit you and for hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring we can also finish the floor with a range of popular water-based sealers.

Whether it’s a single room or an entire home we are ready to work on all both small and large projects. Hardwood flooring installation costs vary depending on size, installation method and your chosen flooring product. We are happy to work with you to accommodate and provide a solution for many budgets.

Hardwood Flooring Installs

Matte Pre-Finished Flooring

Laminate Flooring Installs

Popular types of hardwood timber flooring

Spotted Gum

The Spotted Gum is a tall tree growing up to 50 metres in height. A large hardwood, the tree sheds elliptical strips of bark as it weathers, deriving its common name from the resulting mottled or spotted appearance. Spotted Gum is a beautiful species, perfect for flooring, that is sought after for both its colour and density.


Cypress is a small to medium sized softwood, widely grown in New South Wales and Queensland, where there is moderate rainfall. It is extremely hardy and can survive in poor soil conditions. The tree grows from four to twelve metres in height. Where the soil and climate conditions are good it can grow to a height of twenty metres.

Rose Gum

Rose Gum, also known as Flooded Gum and Scrub Gum, is a very tall forest tree, growing from 45 to 55 metres in height, and one to two metres in diameter. An extremely fast growing hardwood, Rose Gum can be found in the region extending from Newcastle in NSW to Bundaberg in Queensland. It is also native to Brazil and South Africa.

Tasmanian Oak

The name Tasmanian Oak is used to describe a combination of three species of eucalypt commonly found in Tasmania – Alpine Ash, Mountain Ash and Messmate. The reference to Oak originates from early European timber workers who believed it was similar in strength and appearance to English Oak.

Red Mahogany

Red Mahogany is a medium sized tree growing up to forty-five metres in height, and from one to one and a half metres in diameter. It grows along Australia’s east coast, from Sydney in NSW to Atherton in Queensland.


Messmate was used for many years as a subfloor beneath carpeting and in general construction rather than as a decorative product. It has since had a revival as lighter species are sought after and is now in high demand for flooring.


Brushbox is a medium sized tree growing on the edge of the rainforests along the east coast of Australia, from Newcastle in New South Wales to Maryborough in Queensland. Some isolated stands also occur further north.

Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash is the collective name for Mountain Ash and Alpine Ash. Grown in south eastern Victoria, predominantly along the Great Dividing Range, these virtually identical hardwoods are renowned for their exceptional height and straightness.


Blackbutt is a tall hardwood, growing in large numbers in coastal forests between Bega in New South Wales and Maryborough in Queensland. A moderate to large tree with along, straight cylindrical trunk, Blackbutt reaches heights of 40 to 60 metres, with a diameter of up to three metres.


Myrtle is a medium sized form of hardwood timber flooring growing primarily in the heavier rainfall areas of Tasmania and in eastern Victoria. The heartwood is pink to reddish brown while the sapwood is almost white. It has a fine, even texture and a grain that is sometimes wavy, with visible but not prominent growth rings

Grey Ironbark

Grey Ironbark is a form of hardwood timber flooring commonly found along the coast of New South Wales and Queensland. It is a medium sized tree, growing to a height of 30 to 50m, with a stem diameter of about 1.5m. It gets its name from the colour and toughness of the bark on the tree. It is hard, deeply furrowed and ridged.


Jarrah is grown in the southwestern corner of Western Australia and is one of the most common Eucalyptus species in that state, as well as one of its few commercial species. Its botanical name is Eucalyptus marginata, which refers to the light-coloured vein on the edge of the leaf.


The installation of hardwood timber flooring can be undertaken in a number of ways. There is a variety of underlays such as foam, acoustic rubber or even splitz pins plywood underlay.

Pinned underlay is quite complex and not every floor installer can provide this. The Quality Timber Flooring team is highly experiences at all types of underlays required for board installation. As part of our hardwood timber flooring service, we can also remove any old floor coverings such as carpet or old floorboards and skirting boards.

When requested by our customers and as part of a comprehensive and detailed install, we are able to remove old skirting boards and reinstalled them once the hardwood timber flooring is finished to provide a cleaner look.

Concrete Slab Preparation

For parquetry & hardwood timber flooring can also be installed on top of a concrete house slab.

Our team can investigate the condition of your existing concrete slab to make sure its suitable and the prep work require for installation. The slab needs to be dry and free of moisture.

We can cater for a number of different installation options such as:

  • Waterproofing
  • Moisture barriers
  • Adhesive direct to concrete
  • Subfloors
  • Self leveling of the slab

Water-based Sealer

To provide 100% protection to your floor without having to use solvents we prefer to use a water-based sealer on hardwood timber flooring in Melbourne.

With quality water-based sealers such as Eukula an easy-to-care-for and highly resistant water based lacquer finish. The result is a perfect surface that combines the strengths of two finishing systems in a unique way.

Popular water based sealer can have the following benefits:

  • extremely high abrasion resistance
  • low odour
  • easy to use
  • non yellowing
  • available in gloss, satin, matt and ultra matt
  • green building compliant ( Low VOC)
  • suitable for underfloor heating

Floor Staining

Along with our other finishing services we also offer a premium floor staining service.

Many homes around Melbourne have old, worn and discoloured floorboards. Not only can we sand and polish, but we can restore that beautiful and deep colour that makes your floor look brand new again.

The advantages of staining your floor:

  • Changing the colour
  • Restoring the colour
  • Enhances the grain
  • Strengthens timber
  • Fade resistant stains

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