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Find the Flooring Your Essendon Home Needs to Look Its Best

Are you satisfied with the flooring in your Essendon home? Whether you have carpeting that you’re ready to replace, or some old hardwood floors that now look worse for wear, choosing the right provider to help you improve your home is an important step. At Quality Timber Flooring, we provide direct and easy access to high-quality, high-value results that will make your home look its best.

The Benefits of Choosing Quality Timber Flooring in Essendon

Why choose to go with our team, though? A quick look at what we have to offer reveals that there are numerous benefits to our service. When you connect with Quality Timber Flooring, you can:

– Add value to your home with one of more than a dozen different flooring types. From Jarrah and Victorian Ash to Tasmanian Oak, Red Mahogany and even Bamboo, we carry an extensive range to allow you to customise your home’s floors as you like.
– Rely upon highly experienced installers with a broad range of capabilities. With 15 years of operational experience, we know the best installation techniques and the right methods to use to prevent warping, damage and separations.
– Take advantage of our other additional services as needed. From providing floor polishing to Essendon homeowners, to a quick and convenient re-staining option, making your existing floors look better has never been so simple or straightforward.

Common Mistakes People Make with Floor Sanding in Essendon

So, what if you aren’t looking to install new flooring, but you simply want to improve your current hardwoods and restore them to a better condition? Watch out for these typical errors people often make when considering sanding and polishing:

– Don’t go down the DIY route. Trying to polish the floors on your own can be a recipe for disaster. Let our professionals tackle it with care to ensure the longevity of your investment.
– Failing to replace boards that have damage or seem close to wearing out for good. While it can be an annoyance, this extra step ensures your floors look pristine, with no visible defects in the boards.
– Don’t allow the hard work and the investment you’ve put into restoring your floors go to waste through a renewed cycle of wear and tear. A sealing and waterproofing process is essential to reduce abrasions and other visible signs of wear.

At Quality Timber Flooring, our proficient installers have a tried and true process for floor restoration that easily helps you avoid these concerns.

What You’ll Lose Out on by Going Past Quality Timber Flooring

The flooring in your home is one of its most important aspects. Not only will you walk on it every day, but you will see it every day — and so will those who visit your home. Take advantage of our superior service and our decade and a half of flooring experience to guarantee your long-term satisfaction with the results. At Quality Timber Flooring, we never cut corners — we do the job right the first time. To find out more, get in touch online or by phone.

The Quality Timber Flooring difference

15 Years in Timber Flooring

Nothing speaks volumes more than years of experience. We have worked tirelessly to build expertise in an industry which sees its fair share of cowboys.

We Don’t Cut Corners!

Quality is an over-used word in the flooring industry. We complete every job to the highest standard and ensure the area is clean and spotless.

Fixed Price Quotes

There is nothing worse than projects going over budget! Our quotes are fixed price to give you piece of mind.

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